What's Ride your Life

Ride your Life” is the metaphor I have chosen to describe the attitude I use to deal with life and business events and the attitude that I want to share with people and organizations. It is extremely effective because it is closely connected to our human nature

The difference between “riding a horse” and just being “seated on a horse” is very deep and those who tried the second one they know it can be very scary and dangerous. When you are seated on a horse you realize that you have no control when you want to go in one direction and the horse doesn’t listen to you or you want to stop but there is no way because the horse goes on galloping and turning wherever it likes. In this case you are out of control and at the mercy of events. 

Has it ever happened to you to experience such a situation? 

Situations in which you activated yourself to get a certain thing, but the events turned totally different  from what you expected?  And at some point did you feel powerless and at the mercy of events?


One of the first things you learn riding is that if you are not the Leader, if you are not the one who commands and "directs" the horse, he takes over doing what he wants and takes you where he wants. Same happens in life, if it's not you the one who masters the reins and the guide, someone else or something else will take that rol for you and will take you somewhere else.


But when you

- learn the patterns that rule this relationship,

- recognize how to deal with your horse’s reins,

- learn how to use your body by changing the way you use your weight,

not only do the results change, everything changes. You become able to move it into the direction you choose, you can change your speed, you can walk, can trot or gallop, and at the same time you can enjoy the feeling of air in your face. You can hear the sound of the horse hooves creating a nice harmony and you can clearly see that you are leading.


How to do it then?

This attitude consists of more than just taking the reins of your situation, it means doing it with awareness. Awareness includes the dynamics, which kind of horse you are riding, what kind of rider you are, what kind of ride you want to play, where you want to go, with whom, which is the best trail, what are your resources, and what obstacles you can find by the road, … all this having and also having an effective strategy to manage all the things you can not foresee. 

Finally, you need to develop the skills necessary to take and maintain control.


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