What is Ride your Life? 

- 8 Keys -

In the word “RIDE” you can find some of the main principles that enable you to take the control to live a purposeful and joyful life, the 8 Keys:                                                                                                    

Your Responsibility is the sum of all the things that depend on you in a given situation. If in a certain context you have no responsibility you would find yourself with a problem, because there is nothing you can do to make a change, you have no power. But the moment you find even one thing you can do to generate a change then you start to get power. Your responsibility is the area in which you can change things, it is the basket that contains your possibility. When you fully use your responsibility, you find your power and the greater the area of ​​your responsibility the greater your power is.

Results are the product of specific "behaviors", in a "context" in a specific "time" and if you change just one of these elements, you change the results you get. Think to what happens if you plant seeds in a dry or rocky ground instead of planting them in a very fertile soil, or what happens if every day of your life you dedicate 10 minutes to intense physical activity. When you start processing everything that happens to you as "a result", then you create the possibility of producing the necessary changes to get the results that do you want. It is essential to learn to recognize what are the results really important to you.


Everything must start from your Identity. When you get complete awareness of your deep self, who you are and why you are here, everything changes. Events take on a different meaning, the words sound differently and you can see the world with new eyes and a new level of perception. Recognizing your identity and getting clarity about your mission and your values, is the only way that enables you to live in line with yourself, generating harmony and experiencing those feelings of completeness and profound well-being that give meaning to your life. 

With this first step you move towards your Independence, becoming self-sufficient and able to generate what you want. We all use resources, there are of two types: internal resources (your knowledge, your skills, your body, ...) and external ones (objects, people, situations, ...), but some of these are essential, in the sense that if you were to fail you could not go on, therefore you depend on these. Developing the ability to get you what you do it also serves in other ways, it is then that you transform yourself from "depending from" to "user of" resources and create independence. This means getting your freedom, be "free from ..." and be "free of ...". 


You’d better get used to the fact that you make Decisions continuously (even when you postpone a decision ... you have just taken one) and they produce effects in your life. Also the decision to dedicate time to this reading produces different effects than if you hadn't. Imagine you always succeed to make decisions aligned to your Identity and Purpose, how much enormously increase the quality of your actions and consequently the results what do you get? Just think about this: 1) Where do you get your attention? 2) What meaning do you give to events? 3) What actions do you choose to take? Already these three decisions you constantly make at any one time determine by themselves the quality of your life. 

Determination is fundamental as well as decisions, this word that derives from the Latin denotes your ability to complete things and complete your commitments, which must be essential. It is not true that having the clear objective and the right motivation it is sufficient to get to your goals: it comes the moment in which life puts obstacles and unforeseen events in front of us and motivation diminishes or disappears completely. It is at that very moment that you need to use this ability of yours and you must be able to recognize you have it know how to use it. When you master this ability it means that you have chosen the path to success by cutting away all other possibilities.

For every activity you do you need the right level of Energy to accomplish it, you couldn't even fully enjoy a vacation or your favourite activity if you were too tired and without energy. There are foods, activities, places, people, thoughts, ... that give you energy and others that take it away from you. Do you know what your energy suppliers are and what your "suckers" are? Once you have this information, how can you use it? Make sure you get all the energy you need when you need it.

Enjoy, that is the way you would like to spend the most part of your time, the way you want to do the things you do. In most cases it happens that this aspect is relegated to a few episodes, at certain events. Enjoyment is not something to look for from time to time, something to live for, it is instead the way, the attitude to spend your life with, it must be there constantly, perhaps with different levels of intensity, but always present, it can be the lifestyle. Enjoyment is also a fuel that can feed any kind of engine, just think about this: how do you act when you're enjoying? Such as it would change your life and your work if enjoyment and enthusiasm were a presence constant in you?

What would your life look like when you could master these skills? 

How does a Company or an Organization change when the people who compose it apply these 8 keys?

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