What a PreSUNtAction is? When and Where is the next one?

How can I attend? May I invite other people with me?

What is a PreSUNtAction

A PreSUNtAction is a way to get in touch with the “world of SUN, Success Unlimited Network®”, knowing some Certified SUN Coaches and learn how the SUN Coaching Program works. It is a way thank which we explain to an audience what our activity is, what a coach does and particularly how our approach is, that is a SUN’s uniqueness. Taking this opportunity, besides of living an experience, you can hear with your own hears and see with your own eyes how the coaching program works and how the course develops to allow our clients learn how to produce the results they want, increasing their wellbeing. Thank that some of our clients decided also to become coaches themselves, so now they are Certified SUN Coaches and they have their new job offering the program to their clients.

When and Where is the next one

Check at once the PreSUNtAction calendar

How I can attend

You have just to contact us to reserve your free seat. Attendance is for free.

May I invite other people with me

Of course yes, just remember to make the reservation for all of you.

Free entrance - Reservation is required for organizing reasons

Contact us now to reserve your place or just to know when and where is the next one close to the place you live