Have you ever wondered how you might practice and improve the 8 coaching competencies outside of a coaching session or practice?

Would you have ever thought it was possible to enhance the foundation of the profession through an experience that has nothing to do with coaching, but which contains the same principles and requires that the same dynamics be applied?


This program, which takes place in the presence of the horses and all in one day, allows you to practice and improve your mastery of the 8 competencies by breaking out of your habitual patterns and approaching the competencies with a different perspective, totally practical, that gives you immediate feedback and at the same time is fun.

You will also learn things you didn't know about these magnificent animals but mostly you will understand how interacting with them requires the use of all 8 competencies of coaching.

So, through precise dynamics of interaction from the ground with horses, first individually, then in pairs and finally in groups, you'll experience firsthand how to Demonstrate Ethical Practice (yes, even with a horse), Express the Coaching Mindset, Establish and Maintain Agreements, Cultivate Confidence and Security, Maintain Presence, Listen Actively, Evoking Awareness and Facilitating Client Growth. 

All this is done by interacting with a "companion/master" who will give you immediate and totally sincere feedback, allowing you to become more aware of how you apply the competencies and understand what you do excellently and what
you can still improve, experiencing it right away.

And all of this takes place in a natural, fun, and safe environment, outdoors, challenging, cooperating and making connections with colleagues, with whom you will exchange convivial moments.


Full day, from 8:00am to 5:30/6:00pm.

How and Where:

Activity takes place in-person based on availability and upon request.

October 5 through November 16, 2021 is available in the U.S. at:
  • White Stallion Ranch, 9251 W Twin Peaks Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743.

It can also be held in other locations on proposal of the applicants, after verification that the structure in place has the necessary conditions. In this case there may be additional charges for travel expenses.

Minimum number 4 - maximum number 8 participants.

Contact me for upcoming dates or to request an off-schedule edition.

CCE Credits:
8 Credits (of which 7 Core Competencies + 1 Resource Development).

Program participation fee:

The participation fee varies according to the location of the activity based on the cost of the facility used and the local currency. Contact me to find out the conditions for your location.

The fee includes participation in the program, educational material didactic material where provided, use of the facility and horses, lunch and the issuance of the certificate with the CCE CREDITS.