Detailed Program Description


125 training hours total


hours direct interaction with Trainer


hours on your own with Trainer agreement


Conducted 1:1 or small groups. Classes can be in person, online and/or a mix of the two modalities.


In the individual course you choose the pace in agreement with the Trainer, in the group course you contact your Trainer.


Ranges from 1- 3 years upon student's desired pace.

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Detailed Content Description of Each Module


Unique SUN methodology

- Learn your life purpose and how to use it to achieve desired results

- How to coach from your spiritual foundation

- SUN tools and Methodology:

  •     The Results Game© - a tracking system to determine the degree to which one makes purposeful choices;
  •     The Well-Being Game © - learn how to monitor well-being while achieving results.
  •     Guidelines for Living© - lessons learned and how to apply them.


Set up your coaching business

- How to be in business, e.g., market yourself as a coach, create your business mission statement, business plan, marketing strategy, office systems, legal requirements, record-keeping, etc.

- Being in business and managing the business

- Whereas we do offer a full curriculum of business development and marketing, we also recognize that different people intend to offer coaching in different ways such as part-time, Pro Bono, internal in a company, etc., so we customize a plan with each student based upon your needs and interests.


An introduction to Coaching

Understand what professional coaching is and whether you want to do it as an entrepreneur, alongside another professional activity or as an approach you want to develop and use in your organization.

- What is a Coach?          
- Coaching  Theories
- Fundamental Competencies
- Principles and Methodologies
- Ethics and Coaching Standards
- Coaching Models
- Leanring the Human Being



Applying basic competencies

- Skills Practices

- Guidelines for Coaching Portfolio
- 2 coaching observation with written and verbal feedback 
- Coach 3+ clients under the guidance of your Mentor Coach

Interim Exam (2- 30 minutes coaching observations)

Note: I serve as your Mentor Coach by providing feedback on your coaching mastery and expertise. You do not have to pay extra money to have a Mentor Coach.


Applying advanced competencies 

- More Skills Practices

- 2 coaching observation with written and verbal feedback

- Continue coaching clients and receive mentoring 

Final Exam (30 minutes coaching observation)


Integration and Customization

- Mastery Practicum
- Supervised buddy practice coaching 
- Tele-learning classes
- Global Skill Practice
- annual 4-5 days SUN Educational Event

Pre-approved training in specialties such as:
Team Coaching, Marketing Magic, Mindfulness Coaching, Soul Coaching, Retirement Coaching, as well as Reviewing, Understanding and Applying SUN Resources.


SUN Continuing Education Opportunities for SUN graduates

We support your continuing education in a number of ways:

1. Annual SUN education retreats, typically 4-5 days long and 18-24 credit hours 

2. Monthly tele-classes, 1 hour each, facilitad by credentialed Terainers and credentialed Coaches 

3. Monthly Global Skills Practices, 1 hour each

4. Other training programs offered by SUN Trainers and graduates 


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"Choosing which program to train with is an important decision,
on this depends not only how you will invest your time and money,
but also your future , your professional and personal life.

It must be made with awareness and with the certainty that it is the right one for you."
For these reasons:


Ask for a free call to
deepen the aspects that interest you
understand how this program can lead you to what you desire
get to know the trainer
ask questions
ask to experience the program
and whatever else is helpful to you in making an informed decision.


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Your Success (what you make happen) depends on your decisions and the actions you take.

I support you to make it happen, with Method and Purpose.



A Society that continues to evolve in a sustainable way, with spaces where people, companies and organizations come together and create synergies that allow them to express their talents, receive and spread value, and generate increasing well-being throughout the system.



To share high-quality knowledge and tools to develop Leadership through the acquisition of awareness, to generate results and wealth by implementing one's Mission or Purpose, and to produce personal successes and lead solid, profitable businesses.