Why Coaching with Horses?

Horses’ outstanding communication skill allows results, awareness and access to inner resources when working with a coach trained how to encompass horses into the process.

These graceful animals live in groups in wildlife so they’ve developed a particular skill which enables them to “read” their immediate environment looking for any signal which could represent danger for themselves.

They can understand the “nonverbal” language of those who are around them, to recognize every minimal signal of incongruence. That is a matter of life and death for them, so they instinctively act on it. If there is a predator in the vicinity they recognize if it is hungry, (therefore dangerous), or if it is stuffed (inoffensive). In a situation of potential danger horses choose to run away, so they run if the predator is dangerous, but if it is stuffed and innocuous they stay calm even if the predator walks through the herd.

Another powerful skill horses have is great sensitivity which enables them to continually get information in the environment; we, as humans beings, cannot perceive because our senses are not able to do that. To understand better what I mean just think about ultraviolet and ultrasound waves, always present around us even though our eyes and ears cannot perceive them. In the same way every being communicates through a self-energetic field (some call it “electromagnetic field” or “vibrational field”). Horses perceive it very well, distinguishing the energy they receive from those in their immediate environment. They realize at once if someone is spreading stress, aggressiveness, nervousness, fear, uncertainty and also calm, serenity, safety or every other kind of energy we spread.

Horses even use this energy to communicate with each other, so if the group leader sends a message of danger or escape, the whole herd automatically starts moving to get to safety. That is the reason why every person who gets into a relationship with horses is energetically examined right away. Without realizing it, we emit energy that horses read, and horses will react instinctively to that energy.

Their reactions are different depending on the energy they receive, whether clear or confused. The more we aware of how we deeply feel, the more horses receive quiet and reliable energy which allows them to relax during our presence. The less we are aware about our thoughts and our feelings, the more confused is the energy we spread and horses react instinctively with their body language. Horses focus only on our deeper feelings; They don’t care about our external side, such as how we want to appear, how much money we have, what is our role in society, etc.

For all these reasons it is impossible to lie to a horse and the consequence of this is that horses are natural masters, precious guides for our deeper awareness. And these talents used with specific dynamics created by a qualified Coach, allow horses to become an invaluable and extremely effective ally for those humans who want to improve and express all of their potential.

This methodology can be used in every field: professional, personal, team work, sport team, enterprise team, family, partnerships. When people work using this methodology they have access to resources that they themselves can’t access.

In this program we never mount horses, all activities are land-based and carried through in a safe environment immersed in nature.

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Some of the topics you can deal supported by horses are: