Success Coaching

One of the most effective tools that I use in my work is the prestigious Success Coaching Program, which started in 1981. This Methodology to coach people was born integrating the experiences made in England and then in the United States and it is supporting people and organizations longer than 30 years on 5 continents.

The program was developed and progressively improved by Teri-E Belf, 1st Master Certified Coach in the world, and founder of Success Unlimited Network, L.L.C. ® (SUN). The SUN methodology is the core of an ACTP program accredited by the world-wide coaching association, (International Coach Federation (ICF).

Employing the SUN Coaching Program people learn and develop their own process to consistently produce results accordant and aligned with their personal PURPOSE (in SUN we call it LIFE PURPOSE) to achieve and enhancing WELLBEING. In the same way it works for companies, enterprises, organizations, teams, where the results have to be congruent and aligned with the company's PURPOSE/MISSION (or team's or organization's) which has to be shared with all the members.

Can you imagine what happens to your wellbeing when your results fit with your Purpose?

As result of SUN Coaching people realize very clearly where they are and where they want to go, and they move consistently, step by step, to achieve the results they established starting from their fulfillment and satisfaction.

This methodology’s effectiveness has been validated by SUN Coaches and their clients for more than 30 years of experience in different parts of the world.

The basic coaching program is completely experiential (in person or remotely) and accomplished during 8 meetings which clients and I schedule together, each two or three weeks apart in which we facilitate a deep transformation, valuing their beliefs and habits.

Those who attend the SUN Coaching program report me they find also that they:

  • Focus on what they REALLY want;
  • Recognize and overcome their own limits and sabotages;
  • Gain awareness about their abilities, skills, qualities, power;
  • Explore new perspectives which allow innovative, creative and effective learning;
  • Discover congruence between their purpose and values;
  • Define the results they want and prioritize measurable actions;
  • Take appropriate responsibility;
  • Built successful habits achieving substantial results;
  • Increase flexibility and adaptation to their different contests,
  • Identify what gives them wellbeing, satisfaction and fulfillment as an engine to success;
  • Connect with their own way to perceive and live their spirituality;
  • Integrate and appreciate what comes from their roots as signs of their identity: from their families, from their society, from their culture;
  • Accept and appreciate what they receive from others.

To appreciate how this can work for you, before taking decision and without any commitment, you have the possibility to experience one free meeting (in person or remotely), take this chance now and click here to schedule.

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