Mission: SUN is a global network of coaches, coach educators & trainers, coach mentors, and coaching leaders who inspire purposeful being for the evolution of humanity.

Vision: We are Emissaries of Purposeful Being.

Core Beliefs: We believe that every person has a purpose and unlimited potential, and by living on purpose we empower potential that accelerates evolution.

Key Values: Purposefulness, Integrity, Service, Connectedness, Discovery and Human Spirit.

We take pride in valuing quality, not quantity so we offer customized, highly individualized quality coaching, coach education/training and mentoring.

Facts: We are proud that 39% of our graduates have ICF world-wide recognized coaching credentials.

The sun is our metaphor because our work involves bringing forth, enhancing and sharing light and lightness in clients, students and ourselves.


What is Unique?

  • The SUN program derives its perspective from Sports Psychology and Management Training and can be applied to all life areas in personal and business venues.
  • Originating in London in 1981 by the British Company, Results Unlimited, and the methodology brought to the U.S. in 1987.

  • SUN is a visible leader in the coaching profession and around the globe, updating and evolving for improving effectiveness while simultaneously enhancing well-being.

  • Our accredited education/training includes mentoring, business development and marketing.

  • The program we educate and train students to use with clients offers structure and process; the coach provides the structure using a methodology based upon discovering one’s life purpose.

  • SUN comprises a Network focusing on education/training. Graduates and students in the SUN Network may join a separate group, the SUN Community, that offers ongoing connection, collaboration and continuing education opportunities.

  • SUN Educators/Trainers, Mentors and Coaches bring spiritual awareness to their work.

In all communications and behaviors you can expect SUN Trainers to be committed to and adhere to ethical coaching standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) <> and ethical coach training standards of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) <>.


Teri-E Belf is the first coach in the world to receive the MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential from the ICF (International Coach Federation).

She is a coaching pioneer and has actively contributed to the development of the profession since the creation of its foundation.

The ICF Circle of Distinction Program celebrates the best of the coaching profession and ICF. Circle of Distinction members are experienced coach practitioners who have made their mark on ICF and the coaching profession. This year, ICF inducted the first Circle of Distinction class during the 2018 ICF Midwest Region Coaches Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In the coming weeks, we will profile each of this year’s honorees here on Coaching World.

Teri-E Belf, MCC (USA), has built her coaching career on an intense commitment to applying self-reflection, personal growth and lessons learned to her business. Belf recognizes and appreciates the value of coaching and takes it seriously, but says that remembering to take a lighthearted, joyful approach is a must.

“I am proud to be an ICF Member, having been in the profession even before ICF was a worldwide organization. I remember standing up with passion pulsing through me telling a group of 250-plus coaches that we needed to create a profession. When I looked at the president and heard him say, ‘OK Teri-E, do it,’ I knew something amazing and wonderful would emerge. And it did,” she said.

Reflecting on her favorite parts of coaching with spirit over the years, Teri-E told a story about a client who believed she was just so ordinary and there was nothing Teri-E could do to convince her otherwise. A seasoned MCC, Teri-E tried one of her more “out-there” tactics.

“My training had not prepared me for this. I found myself moving toward my Tinkerbell wand. (I have many gadgets and toys in my office.) I felt as if something was moving in me and telling me what to do and say. I followed the urge and asked my client if she was willing to kneel in front of me. She did. I took the wand and tapped her left shoulder lightly and said, ‘You are ordinary.’ Then I tapped her right shoulder saying the same thing. Then I went back to her left shoulder and said, ‘Here is an extra-ordinary.’ We both stopped and looked at each other, eyes widening, and began laughing so hard. She redubbed herself ‘Extra-ordinary,’ and that was that.” Teri-E said.

Teri-E has also authored numerous books that are a valuable resource for those who want to embark on the coaching journey in a deep and professional way. 

These include here:

Coaching with Spirit

Simply Live It Up


My Life Purpose is to inspire and guide people to take steps towards our dreams. 

The theme for my life - sharing light with people, metaphorically began as a pre- teen when I was a part of a successful Junior Achievement venture selling gooseneck lamps to neighbors and family friends. As life went on I found many other ways to bring light into people’s lives

I love learning and am fascinated about how people learn. Formally my academic education included: Oberlin College (BA), University of Pittsburgh (MA and C.A.G.S.) in Educational Evaluation and Learning.

I studied and experienced different spiritual philosophies, courses in religion at Oberlin College, more extensive learning from MSIA, the Emissaries of Divine Light, and the Kybalion and reading about Eastern philosophies and practices. They all contributed to my worldview that we are ONE with many forms of expressing light in our unique ways. Perhaps that is why it is important to me to guide people to express themselves spiritually in any way they choose.

For years I had been searching for the best way for me to serve the planet. Sherri Mills and I met around 1997. She told me when she passed through a small Kenyan village the tour guide said, “People in our village stay there. There is no formal education.” Sherri asked, “What would it take to educate a child?” The Makena Foundation was born , a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to “change the world one child at a time” and whose contributions go 100% to the children. That was what I had been looking for.

Most importantly, I live on purpose and love guiding others to do the same.