Gerlando Spoto

I am fond of personal growth and evolution, I spent the last 30 years studying how to discover and unleash the tremendous possibilities and power we have as human beings: on the phisycal, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual levels.

I believe that when people get in touch with their Identity and Passion, they use much better their resources and are able to enjoy all life’s areas in a much more intense and productive way. 

Changes and challenges motivate and passionate me, that's why I have developed skills and strategies for change management, to develop an effective personal and interpersonal Leadership and to create and achieve new and exciting goals.

I am a certified as a Coach and Coach Trainer (Coach Trainer in Training) by one of the most prestigious and premiere Coaching organizations in the world, Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) , I am credentialed as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the ICF (International Coach Federation) which I belong in the Washington DC chapter, I am an international Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming™ certified by the co-creator of this extraordinary technology.


Since 2002 I support Companies and Professionals through to evolve and improve their performances with a dedication to fulfillment and wellbeing, to achieve the overall satisfation

I have created an innovative methodology to empower Leadership, "Ride your Life", which turned out very effective because it is deply connected with our nature as human beings and allows people to “take the reins, the control of their life and business”. 


I carry out my activities in person and remotely in different Countries, in English, Spanish and Italian languages.